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Concession Solutions doesn't simply tell you what to do:
Concession Solutions shows you HOW to Do It!

Consulting Services

Concession Solutions doesn't believe in sticking with the antiquated 1960's mentality of "if you want to increase profits, just raise prices!" that still seems to be so popular amongst established consultants. Concession Solutions doesn't adhere to that philosophy for one very simple reason: It doesn't work. It actually decreases profits since customers will no longer buy your overpriced products.

Instead you must manage the menu in order to maximize both sales speed and order size. Nobody likes being the customer who, through no fault of their own, has everyone behind them thinking "just hurry up and get out of the way so I can get back to the game!" Customers are willing to buy more products when the line is moving quickly simply because they are more relaxed and in a better mood. Your menu must be fairly priced and balanced to maximize sales speed and order size while providing the customers with the products they want.

Concession Solutions keeps this philosophy in mind while providing you with a variety of consulting services.

  • On-Site Evaluations
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Product Evaluation
  • Request for Proposal Development
  • Bid Proposal Development
  • Facility Design

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REGISTER NOW and STOP Watching Your Concessions Profits Walk Out The Gate by applying our proven, time tested management program!

Concession Manager Training Course

Let our Industry Proven, Experienced Instructors (with over 85 years combined current experience) teach you our time tested and proven program to maximise your profits!

Our students will be able to retain those lost profits by applying the time tested and proven skills they are taught and use the tools they are given during our 3-day training course taught by experienced current and former concession managers.

This 3-day Concession Manager Training Course is based on the proven UCMT (University Concession Manager Training) course developed by Concession Solutions..

"Concession Solutions offers a very comprehensive and well-detailed training program. The program was presented in a professional manner by an experienced staff. Whether a novice or a veteran in the industry the program will help you to hone your professional skills and become a better operator." - John Schumacher, Charleston RiverDogs

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Some Past Projects

Increased Sales 100% at the University of California - Berkeley

Cal Berkeley Dining was awarded a 15 year contract to operate the concessions and catering operations for the Cal Athletic Department. Prior to Cal Dining taking over the concessions and catering operations on July 1st, 2012, from a national contract company, Cal Berkeley Dining services hired Concession Solutions to assist with the setting-up and opening of their new concessions operations. Concessions Solutions first priority was to assist with the final design and operational layout for the concession stands within the newly renovated Football stadium that opened September 1, 2012. We worked with the on-site construction contractors, architecture teams from the athletic department and Cal Dining, capital project management, equipment companies and Cal Dining’s management.

As Concession Solutions was working on the final design, we were also assisting Cal Dining’s management team with all aspects of setting up the new concessions operation. This included hiring a new on-site concession management team, equipment purchases and arranging all food and supply purchases for the first year of operation. We set-up the internal management infrastructure including: documentation, inventory control, and sales reporting. Concession Solutions worked with Cal Dining’s management team to finalized contracts with subcontractors and Non Profit Organizations that are being used as the labor force in the concession stands. We remained on-site through the second home game to help ensure a successful opening. As a direct result of our assistance, sales were increased 100% in all venues over the previous contract company.

Ohio State University

The Ohio State University and Athletic Department decided to bid out the concession and catering operations. We recently assisted developing the bid proposal response to obtain the concessions and catering operation in-house. We developed a proposal with the Ohio State Food Service Department to show the in-house operation was the right choice.

Concessions Training DVD

Training DVDConcession Solutions has produce a DVD that will help you train your employees and Not-For-Profit groups in the use and setup of the most common concessions equipment. Taking them from startup to cleanup. The DVD runs approximately 46 minutes.

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Concession Solutions provides clients with a thorough evaluation of their concession, food service, catering and/or merchandise operations strengths and weaknesses. Clients are then provided with recommendations on how to repair weaknesses and capitalize on strengths based on our over 40 years of concessions management experience.

Concession Solutions firmly believes that the key to maximizing both customer satisfaction and operational profitability is based on three concepts: design efficiently laid out concession stands staffed and managed by well trained personnel, create the right product mix based on customer demand and practice prudent purchasing.

Let Concession Solutions help you manage these three concepts to dramatically improve your profitability and increase customer satisfaction.


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