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The next CMT 3-day course is yet to be determined.  Click here for course details, or call (206) 853-5742 for more information.

Consulting Services

Concession Solutions doesn't believe in sticking with the antiquated 1960's mentality of "if you want to increase profits, just raise prices!" that still seems to be so popular amongst established consultants. Concession Solutions doesn't adhere to that philosophy for one very simple reason: It doesn't work. It actually decreases profits since customers will no longer buy your overpriced products.

Instead you must manage the menu in order to maximize both sales speed and order size. Nobody likes being the customer who, through no fault of their own, has everyone behind them thinking "just hurry up and get out of the way so I can get back to the game!" Customers are willing to buy more products when the line is moving quickly simply because they are more relaxed and in a better mood. Your menu must be fairly priced and balanced to maximize sales speed and order size while providing the customers with the products they want. 

Concession Solutions keeps this philosophy in mind while providing you with a variety of consulting services.

  • On-Site Evaluations
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Product Evaluation
  • Request for Proposal Development
  • Bid Proposal Development
  • Facility Design

Concession Solutions doesn't simply tell you what to do:
Concession Solutions shows you HOW to Do It!