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Concessions Training DVD

Concession Solutions has produce a DVD that will help you train your employees and Not-For-Profit groups in the use and setup of the most common concessions equipment. Taking them from startup to cleanup. The DVD runs approximately 46 minutes and includes:

Filling Hand soap Container
Washing Hands
Preparing Sanitizer
Calibrating Thermometers
Preparing an Aervoid
Using a Steamer
Wrapping a Hotdog
Preparing Warming Units
Icing a Soda Machine
Changing Soda BIB’s
Changing CO2 tanks
Filling a Soda Cup
Preparing Nachos
Preparing Pretzels
Making Popcorn
Making Pizza 
Using a Hot Oil Fryer
Using a Grill
Using a Coffee Machine
Making Hot Chocolate
Setup Condiment Tables
Assembling Condiment Pumps
Filling Napkin Holders
Is your Stand ready to Open?
Making Hawaiian Shaved Ice
Setup a Money Tray
Using a counterfeit detection pen
Customer Service - 3 scenarios
Using a 3-compartment sink
Counting & Combining
Cleaning a Steamer
Cleaning a Soda Machine
Cleaning a Nacho Cheese Machine
Cleaning a Pretzel Display
Cleaning a Popcorn Popper
Cleaning a Hot Oil Fryer
Cleaning a Grill
Cleaning a Coffee Machine
Cleaning a Hot Chocolate Machine
Cleaning a Condiment Pump
Mopping Floors
Counting Money
Proper Storage 
Using a Pallet Jack
Tapping a Beer Keg
Pouring Off Beer Lines
Pouring a Proper Glass of Beer

  3 Compartment Sink    Counting Money


  Is your Stand Ready?    Hot Oil Fryers


  Mopping floors    Popcorn


  Filling a Soda cup    

  Click here to Order 1 copy for $129.95 plus $5 S&H ($134.95 USD total):

Click here to Order 2 copies for $200.95 plus $7 S&H ($207.95 USD total):

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